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Who Invented Lichtenberg (Fractal) Wood Burning?

Fractal wood burning of a table with lichtenberg electrical patterns

Have you ever seen a tree-like pattern (fractal) on a piece of wood? These patterns are drawn by an embellishing technique known as Lichtenberg (Fractal) Wood Burning. The technique utilizes a high-voltage electric current to burn the layers of wood and expose the fractal patterns buried inside. Do you wonder who invented this dangerous technique

How Do Fractals Appear in Nature? 10 Outstanding Examples

Ferns showing a fractal pattern in nature

Fractals are complex and eye-catching shapes that are composed of parts that appear to be a smaller version of the whole. If you look closely, you’ll see examples of these shapes everywhere in natural systems. How do fractals appear in nature? Fractal shapes appear in nature as ferns, trees, snowflakes, lightning, plant shapes, river deltas,

What is Data Augmentation in a CNN? Python Examples

A picture of the cabin on Mt Cabot with data augmentation markings

Algorithms can use machine learning to identify different objects and classify them for image recognition. This evolving technology includes using Data Augmentation to produce better-performing models. Machine learning models need to identify an object in any condition, even if it is rotated, zoomed in, or a grainy image. Researchers needed an artificial way of adding

What is Wonderdraft?

A wonderdraft map sized as a banner image

Wonderdraft was released in 2018 and since has taken over the fantasy mapmaking community. Regardless of your experience in map creation, this article will give you everything you need to know about Wonderdraft, from features and drawbacks to controls and system requirements. Wonderdraft is a fantasy mapmaker, which is used by artists, gamemasters, and writers