How to Draw Fractals by Hand: A Beginner’s Guide

A color wheel with fractal properties

Using fractals in projects is a lot of fun. This beginner’s guide will get you started learning how to draw fractals by hand. Math and algorithm-based art may seem to be a futuristic vision, but it is a growing and widely found concept. Fractal art isn’t a new idea. It’s been hanging around since the …

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Understanding a Bayesian Neural Network: A Tutorial

A demo of Tensorflow's Playground application for XOR

Understanding Bayesian Neural Networks: A TutorialTable of ContentsUnderstanding Bayesian Neural Networks: A TutorialWhat is a Bayesian Neural Network?Probabilistic Neural NetworksBayesian (Deep) Learning a.k.a. Bayesian InferenceAdvantages and Disadvantages of Bayesian Neural NetworksMaking a Bayesian Neural Network in PythonMaking a Bayesian Neural Network with KerasMaking a Bayesian Neural Network with PyTorchBayesian Neural Network FAQ A bayesian neural …

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Fractals in Art: A Deep Dive

Fractal Mandelbrot Set Zoom Blue Colors

Fractals are the confluence of mathematics and art. Found throughout nature, these self-similar patterns are endlessly fascinating, with a wide range of applications. Fractals have influenced technology, medicine, finances, and, yes, art. Today we’re going to do a deep dive on fractals: what they are, their history, and what makes them so satisfying to look …

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