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Complete List of Books by Benoit Mandelbrot

A headshot of the father of fractals Benoit Mandelbrot

Benoit Mandelbrot was a famous mathematician who changed the way people viewed and interacted with the shapes and geometry of the world. His life-long work developing and harnessing a field called fractal geometry saw wide-ranging influences across the physical and theoretical world. Today we’re going to be looking at Benoit Mandelbrot: who he is, what

Are Fractals or Fractal Curves Differentiable?

A warning sign for a slippery slope

Differentiability could be a scary-sounding term, but like a lot of math topics once you learn the term it seems simple. It just takes practice! Since I learned about differentiability, I’ve had 100s of hours of experience with it in my engineering career. As a whole, pure mathematical fractals are not differentiable, however real-life objects

Style Transfers, Neural Networks, and Digital Art

A kitten lying in a hammock with the style transfer to van gogh's self portrait

Neural style transfer is computer vision technology that recomposes an image’s content in another’s style using a neural network. If you’ve ever envisioned how a photograph might appear if it were created by a famous artist, neural style transfer is the computer technology that makes it possible. So how does neural style transfer function in

Understanding a Bayesian Neural Network: A Tutorial

A demo of Tensorflow's Playground application for XOR

Understanding Bayesian Neural Networks: A TutorialTable of ContentsUnderstanding Bayesian Neural Networks: A TutorialWhat is a Bayesian Neural Network?Probabilistic Neural NetworksBayesian (Deep) Learning a.k.a. Bayesian InferenceAdvantages and Disadvantages of Bayesian Neural NetworksMaking a Bayesian Neural Network in PythonMaking a Bayesian Neural Network with KerasMaking a Bayesian Neural Network with PyTorchBayesian Neural Network FAQ A bayesian neural

Fractals in Art: A Deep Dive

Fractal Mandelbrot Set Zoom Blue Colors

Fractals are the confluence of mathematics and art. Found throughout nature, these self-similar patterns are endlessly fascinating, with a wide range of applications. Fractals have influenced technology, medicine, finances, and, yes, art. Today we’re going to do a deep dive on fractals: what they are, their history, and what makes them so satisfying to look