Was Frida Kahlo on the Cover of Vogue?

Woman model posing as if she were on a vogue cover with text like vogue

Frida Kahlo is one of the most famous women artists of the mid-20th century. Frida Kahlo’s skill as an artist and her unique style has made her an art, fashion, and feminist icon, and her legacy continues to live on in pop culture. But did Frida Kahlo ever grace the cover of Vogue? Furthermore, what …

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Was Frida Kahlo a Communist?

Girl waving a red flag over a crowd at a rally in London

Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican artist known for her bright and colorful self-portraits that often showed her intense physical and emotional pain, culture, and political views. She was also a strong advocate for the rights of the working class and social justice in her art. This has led many to ask: was Frida Kahlo …

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What Was Frida Kahlo’s Last Painting?

cartoon watermelons freshly cut like Frida Kahlo's painting viva la vida

One of the best-known Mexican artists is Frida Kahlo. Her bright and unique style, which was largely shaped by what she went through in life, is loved by many worldwide. Although Frida Kahlo’s life was tragically cut short by her death, her legacy endures because of her enduring artistic creations. But what was Frida Kahlo’s …

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How Did Frida Kahlo Die?

a spooky graveyard in the fog with mist in sepia tone

Frida Kahlo is one of the most famous and important Latin American painters of the 20th century. Her self-portraits and surrealist artworks are well-known across the globe. Today, her art continues to inspire and enthrall people despite the fact that she passed away in 1954. But how did Frida Kahlo pass away? And what are …

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Was Frida Kahlo Amputated?

an ambulance in an underground cavern

Frida Kahlo was a talented artist whose work often focused on questions of self-identity. She suffered greatly with health problems and one theme Kahlo explored was her own experience with chronic pain. But was Frida Kahlo amputated? And why did this happen? Frida Kahlo had a leg amputated in 1953. The procedure was required due …

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What Happened to Frida Kahlo in Her Bus Accident?

A destroyed bus floating through space

Frida Kahlo’s artwork dealt with a range of political and social issues such as feminism, gender, and capitalism. At the same time, her work was introspective and detailed experiences from her own life. One such event was a bus accident that occurred when she was just 18 years old that had life-changing consequences. But what …

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Who Invented Lichtenberg (Fractal) Wood Burning?

Fractal wood burning of a table with lichtenberg electrical patterns

Have you ever seen a tree-like pattern (fractal) on a piece of wood? These patterns are drawn by an embellishing technique known as Lichtenberg (Fractal) Wood Burning. The technique utilizes a high-voltage electric current to burn the layers of wood and expose the fractal patterns buried inside. Do you wonder who invented this dangerous technique …

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Can a Neural Network Output an Image?

Image classification of a large cat with a neural network

Neural networks are popular for image processing in today’s world. It can produce images as the output layer in a machine learning model. The output layer has all the desired features that you want in your image. Once you learn how to do it, there are endless possibilities for outputting an image through a convolutional …

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How Do Fractals Appear in Nature? 10 Outstanding Examples

Ferns showing a fractal pattern in nature

Fractals are complex and eye-catching shapes that are composed of parts that appear to be a smaller version of the whole. If you look closely, you’ll see examples of these shapes everywhere in natural systems. How do fractals appear in nature? Fractal shapes appear in nature as ferns, trees, snowflakes, lightning, plant shapes, river deltas, …

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Can You Sell Maps Made in Wonderdraft?

A banner showing a Wonderdraft map that could be sold

Many artists are selling digital fantasy maps they’ve made in Wonderdraft. If you would like to sell maps that you have made, there are several important considerations to be made. In this post, I’ll cover some of the common nuances around licensing. It is legal to sell maps made in Wonderdraft. The license for the …

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